For your medical assistance in Belgium


Accompagnement médical, organisation de séjour médical en Belgique

Do you need a medical opinion? Medical or Surgical treatment in Belgium? The Global Health Care Co team is ready to answer all your questions and meet your needs, as quickly as possible.


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Belgium has become a destination of choice for medical and surgical treatment. Many patients are interested in offers of Belgian clinical quality of care.


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For further information about admissions and medical visits, to find out about the process for admission and stay or to arrange a meeting – don’t wait any longer, contact us now!


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Your medical assistance is our priority

Medical assistance You wish to ask for a medical opinion, medical treatment or surgical treatment in Belgium for very precise areas of specialisation, such as cardiac pathology and surgery, infertility treatment, cosmetic or corrective surgery, surgery for obesity, ophthalmology, oncology, etc. … You do not know how to go about it – which treatment, which surgery, which hospital, which specialist? Global health care co will advise and guide you so that your file winds up in the hands of the best practitioners for a targeted opinion that corresponds to your needs with excellent care and treatment. Global health care co specialises in the organisation of care in Belgium. We can organise everything for you, simplify red tape and manage all aspects of your trip, before, during and after your medical stay.  


When you are thinking of coming to Belgium for care and treatment, you deserve that we organise your medical trip optimally, help you upon arrival at the airport and look after your interests.